14-23 Jan 2022

Cultural Activities Hall@Tuen Mun Town Hall


Light – the first thing a baby sees when he/she opens his/her eyes. “Light” leads babies to explore various environments.

How does “light” in the ocean look like? How does “light” in the universe look like?

With the wonderful accompaniment of cello, babies and parents will enjoy an amazing journey of “light”.


14 Jan (Fri)    11:00am; 2:30 pm $200

15 Jan (Sat)   11:00am; 2:30 pm $220

16 Jan (Sun)  11:00am; 2:30 pm $220

21 Jan (Fri)    11:00am; 2:30 pm $200

22 Jan (Sat)   11:00am; 2:30 pm $220

23 Jan (Sun)  11:00am; 2:30 pm $220

Approx. 45 minutes

Free Sitting

Arts Director: Chan Wing Chuen Kenson

Psychological Consultant: Dr. Au Wing Tung Winton

Tickets available for purchase at URBTIX now.

Ticket Price: FRI : $200
SAT – SUN : $220
Ticketing Information: Age Limit: Only applicable for toddler aged 1.5 and under, and must be accompanied by adult/parent

Toddler aged 1.5 and under (50% off)
Toddler aged 1.5 to 3 (50% off)
Full-time Students/ Children aged 6 and under (50% off)
Senior Citizens Aged 60 or Above (50% off)
People with Disabilities & the Minder* (50% off)
Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Recipients (50% off)

* For purchase of each concessionary ticket for people with disabilities, the customer can purchase one ticket of same concession for a minder.

Membership Discount: Discounts at URBTIX Outlets only upon presentation of valid membership card:

Members of POP Theatre (10% off)
Cardholders of the CCDC “Dance Inspirations” (10% off)
Cardholders of the CCDC “Student Dance Inspirations” (10% off)

Additional Information:
  1. Only for ages below 18 months and their parents.
  2. One ticket required for each person regardless of age.
  3. Children must be accompanied by adults, one ticket required for each person regardless of age.
  4. Members of the audience will be seated on the floor and are requested to take off their shoes before entering the performance area.  Please dress casually and wear socks.

In case of any disputes, POP Theatre reserves the right of final decision.

For enquiries in English, please call POP Theatre at 3956 3459