Story Introduction

Bui Bui, who hates words very much, came home from class one day and received a mysterious email with a quirky poem in it. Bui Bui curiously clicked on the hyperlink in the email, then suddenly cursed with the plant spell and fell into the fantastic Symbol Kingdom. In a valley with a huge phoenix tree, Bui Bui met Oscar (a drummer), and the Black Knight(a pretentious evil Text Magician). Under the force of the Black Knight, Bui Bui had to go through a number of writing tests, otherwise she wouldn’t be able to go home. A numerous wonderful things happened afterwards…


📆 Performance date:
December 23-26, 2017 2:30pm

December 23-24, 2017 5:15pm

December 26, 2017 5:15pm

🎪 Venue:
Cultural Activities Hall , Tuen Mun Town Hall

Cast & Production Team

Playwright | Dung Kai Cheung “The Writing Advanture of Bui Bui”

Adaptation | Production Team of the premiere version

2017 Version Adaptation | Production Team of the version of 2017

2017 Version Script Collation | Chan Wing Chuen  Poon Ka Wai

Producer | Queendy Kwong

Director & Artistic Director | Chan Wing Chuen

Composer & Musical Director | Cynthia Wong

Lyricist | Chan Lik San

Music Arranger | Pong Law

Singing Supervisor | Yuki Kwan

Choreographer | Kelvin Wong  Venus Ip  

Cast | Melodee Mak  Chan Lik San  Wan Tsz Leung Judy Or  Fung Chi Yau  Venus Ip Adrian Poon  Kelvin Wong  Yoyo Wu

Live musician(Harpsichord) | Pong Law

Live musician(Percussion) | Heidi Law

Live musician(Violin) | Ng Chun Lap

Set and Costume Designer | Carmen Cheng

Deputy Set and Costume Designer | Cheryl Ching

Lighting Designer | Zoe Cheung

Sound Designer | Wan San Hong

Promotional Design | ahtsui@ShammerCS

Makeup Planner | May Chu

Makeup Artist | Ling Ng

Director Assistant | Poon Ka Wai

Stage Manager/Deputy Stage Manager | Lam Lai Chu

Assistant Stage Manager | Tam Pik Yuk Wong Yu Hin Kwok Kai Hong Anson Tsang

Stage Photography | Wisely Chan

Stage Recording | C. Production House

Arts Administrator | Chloe Ko Hailey Tsang


Approx. 1 hour 30 minutes 

For age 5 and above