Once upon a time, there was a bridge connecting the Reds and the Blues. One day, a conflict between the Reds and the Blues happened. The bridge became a very tall wall separating and blocking the Reds and the Blues. Therefore, they would never contact each other again.

The Red Guard of the wall is on duty to protect the Reds from the “evil” Blues. Someday, Simple and Franny of the Reds came to the wall and practise for the coming Red Carnival. Their actions scared the Red Guard of the wall! What happened to the three people in front of the wall?


Pop Theatre is going to perform outside touring

Bringing “Peacemaker ” to school with a total of 11 performances

“Shake hands and become good friends” with the primary school students.


17/5/2021 10:45am
17/5/2021 12:05pm
18/5/2021 10:45am
18/5/2021 12:05pm
21/5/2021 12:00nn
18/6/2021 10:05am
22/6/2020 11:30am
23/6/2021 8:45pm
24/6/2021 11:00am
28/6/2021 10:30am
29/6/2021 9:35am
29/6/2021 11:05am


  • Producer | Kwong Sau Han Queendy
  • Original Author | David Holman
  • Translation | Pop Theatre
  • Director/Artistic Director | Chan Wing Chuen Kenson
  • Assistant  Director | Cheung Chi Kit Jacky
  • Set and Costume Designer | Stacy Ip
  • Cast | Kwok Hau Ming – Simp, Jacky Cheung – Mr. Man, Kelvin Wong – Bluey, Joen Lui – Franny
  • Musician | Chan Yan Yee
  • Stage Manager | Leung Tat Ming
  • Assistant Stage Manager | Tsang Hoi Ying