The program promotes theatrical arts via different activities, enhancing the people’s interest and appreciation in artistic performances. It aims to let the audience understand that even if they live in a concrete forest, Chinese culture is still closely related to us. The “Book of Changes” is the main axis of this program, such as the “Qian, Kun, Gen, Dui, Zhen, Xun, Hu, Li” of the Eight Trigrams, and the Sixty-four Trigrams formed by the change of the Eight Trigrams. In daily life, we tease others: “gossips of everything”, “really” or “change again”, but we may not necessarily understand the wisdom of the ancients.

Cast & Production Team

Artistic Director:   Chan Wing Chuen

Producer:              Kwong Sau Han

Cast:                     Ying Ying Lai    Chow Jeok Nam   Wong Chiu Yam   Parcilla Lai   Kelvin Wong   Poon Ka Wai   Wong Kwok Fai   Ng Chong Wai