Won the 21st Hong Kong Drama Awards:

“Top 10 Most Popular Production” and “Best Audio Design Award”

Five other nominations:

“Best Director (Tragedy/Drama)”

“Best Overall Performance”

“Best Stage Design”

“Best Fashion Design”

“Best Lighting Design”


“Eight Hundred Years of Hatred, Eight Hundred Years of Healing” is adapted based on one of the masterpieces of Osamu Tezuka “Phoenix: Strange Beings”. In the

legendary story, the blood of phoenix enables people to have “eternal life”. People fight for immortality brutally and endlessly, which shows the love, hatred, life and death of humanity. The story started from the character 左近介, who is a person wanting to return to her femininity. To prevent 800 Bhikkhunī from saving her terminally ill cruel father, she decided to kill 800 Bhikkhunī. In the heavy raining night, she came to Penglai Temple for the assassination, but trapped herself. Time and space even reversed for thirty years. Finally, she found out that the 800 Bhikkhunī was…

Cast & Production Team

Playwright:                 Osamu Tezuka

Adaptation and Director:     Chan Wing Chuen

Set Designer:                     Tsang Man Tung

Costume designer:            Leung Kin Tong

Lighting Designer:             Gabriel Fung

Music:                               Chan Wai Fat

Video Designer:                 Adrain Yang

Graphic Designer:             ahtsui

Cast:                                  Huen Si Man, Birdy Wong Chin Yan, Guthrie Yip Wing Wong, Justin Lai, Flora So Ching Fung


Guest Cast:                        Lawrence Lau Shek Yin

Producer:                    Chan Wing Chuen, Kwong Sau Han