The beloved Yong Yong starts an adventure with you again after the 2013 International Variety Carnival show “Beacon in the Dark”.


In a remote village, the devil used magic to take away the villagers’ smiles! In order to save the expressionless villagers, Yong Yong decided to come forward and look for the “Laughing Flower” that can crack the evil magic! What difficulties will Yong Yong encounter on the dangerous journey? Is the person Yong Yong meets an enemy or a friend? In the end, can Yong Yong find the “Laughing Flower” and save the village?

Cast & Production Team

Director︰                               Chan Wing Chuen

Playwright︰                           Chan Siu Dong

Composer︰                            Wong Wai Gin

Lyrist︰                                    Wong Kit Yi

Composer:                           Man Kai Hei


Set and Cos Designer:         Carmen Cheng

Lighting Designer︰                Bei Lai

Creative Cast︰                       Lai Ying Ying, Rick Cheung, Janwick Lam,

Cheng Pui Ka、Chow Jeok Nam、Adrian Poon

Producer︰                              Kwong Sau Han