Story Information

A group of naughty red-nosed clowns picked up branches and turned them into magic wands! However, they were accidentally involved in an ancient and mysterious fairy tale world!

How to obtain three giant’s blonde hairs? How to weave all the straws of the house into gold? They were so worried.

Innocence prevails! Fantasy and joy!

Cast and Production Team

Original Author                                       Grimm’s Fairy Tales

Artistic Director/ Producer                      Chan Wing Chuen Kenson

Director                                                   Gerry Flanagan


Producer                                                  Kwong Sau Han Queendy

Set & Costume Designer                         Carmen Cheng

Sound Designer                                      Matthew Ma

Lighting Designer                                    Chiu Ching Yi

Promotional Designer                             ahtsui@ShammerCS

Makeup Artist                                         Shirley Lee

Sound Design Assistant                           Au Ka Hung


Cast                                                         Kelvin Wong  Ivy Lau  Ceci Chan  Tang Yu Ting

Edmond Kok   Adrian Poon


Production Manager                               Johnny

Stage & Deputy Stage Manager              Libby Cheung

Assistant Stage Manager                         Wong Ka Yan

Stage Photographer & Videographer     Wisely Chan

Art Administrator                                    Ashley Chow   Chloe Ko


Approx. 1 hour and 15 minutes

For ages 3 and above