Story Information

The place was covered with ice and snow, and under the ice of the Alaska Strait, there was a faint cry… It turned out that three gray whales migrating to Mexico were trapped under the ice.

At a critical moment, the Eskimo villagers worked together to smash the ice. The news has attracted the attention of all countries, and they have joined the joint icebreaking operation!

The rescue action races against time, can human efforts defrost the ice field?

Cast & Production Team

Original Author                               David Holman

Artistic Director & Director             Chan Wing Chuen Kenson

Composer & Sound Designer         Pang Chun Kit

Light Designer                                 Chiu Ching Yi

Video Designer                               Adrian Yeung

Promotional Designer                     ahtsui@ShammerCS

Stage Design Assistant                    Wong Bing Tong

Costume Design Assistant               Chui Man Ho

Makeup Artist                                 Lau Ka Yan   Ng Wai Ling


Cast                                                 Jacky Cheung    Cheung Kwan Yu   Tang Yu Ting   Kelvin Wong   Ip Ka Yan   Adrian Poon    Shun Chi Hung   Karen Chan *   Cheung Man  Chi   Yuen Ho Yeung


Stage & Deputy Stage Manager      Libby Cheung

Assistant Stage Manager                Chan Ming Yeung   Tsang Nim Chi

Stage Photographer & Videographer     Wisely Chan


Art Administrator                            Ashley Chow   Rita Chan


*Funded by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council “The 5th Drama Artistic Internship Scheme”


Approx. 1 hour and 15 minutes

For ages 4 to 12