Unrelated to each other, they meet on the orbit of detachment. The world is changing. The universe is changing. They are wandering cities, hoping to capture the most beautiful moment in the elapsed life.


“A Bright Dark Night” is an original musical in Hong Kong. With its strong sense of locality, the show reflects the spiritual outlook of nowadays local society and records various reflections on city life. It leads people on a spiritual journey, which promotes the local trend of thought and theatre art in Hong Kong. As a medium for discussion, it mentions the concept of oriental culture on religion, belief, morality, reincarnation, and society. Moreover, it promotes the exchange and development of oriental culture and spiritual aspects of all parties. In November 2016,“A Bright Dark Night” will go to the Arts and Cultural Center in New Taipei City, Taiwan to participate in the “Quanta Arts Foundation 2016 Chinese Original Musical Festival”.


November 5 – 6, 2016  2:30pm

November 6, 2016          7:30pm

Cast & Production Team

Cast:                                     Kelvin Wong, Zip Ho Kin-Man, Seth Chan, Ivy Pang, Lianna Tse, Ellen Liu Oi Ling, Venus Yip, Wong Kwok Fai, Adrian Poon, Lai Ying Ying, Chan Tin Oi


Script Concept/Director/Artistic Director:Chan Wing Chuen

Composer & Musical Director:                    Edgar Hung

Lyricist:                                                         Chung Chi Wing

Set Designer:                                                Tsang Man Tung

Lighting Designer:                                        Gabriel Fung

Sound Designer:                                          Martin Lai

Costume Designer:                                      Doris Tai

Video Designer:                                           Oliver Shing

Acoustic guitar/electric guitar:                    Goro Wong

Live Painting:                                                Chan Tin Oi

Drum:                                                           Chiu Ho Kyun

Lighting assistant:                                        Ng Ka Yi

Photography / Video:                                   Wisely Chan

Production manager:                                   Johnny Yien

Stage Manager & Deputy Stage Manager:  Lam Lai Chu

Arts Administrator:                                      Ashley Chow

Arts Administrator/Captioner:                     Rita Chan

Producer:                                                    Kwong Sau Han


Supported by Arts Development Fund of the Home Affairs Bureau, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region