Story Information

The psychic girl from Taiwan, who went straight to Hong Kong from Taipei, Jiufen, hoped to reunite with her father who had disappeared for 19 years. However, she has unexpectedly discovered the plight of her father’s photography career and the relationship crisis with her cohabiting girlfriend in mainland China.

Cast & Production Team

Artistic Director                                                      Chan Wing Chuen

Original Author                                                      Neil Simon

Translation & Adaptation                                       Szeto Wai Kin

Director                                                                  Lau Shek Yin

Producer                                                                Kwong Sau Han

Production Manager                                              Johnny Yien *

Promotional Photography                                     Henry Wong

Cast                                                                      Chan Wing Chuen   Cheung Man   Ka Chan On Yin


Set & Costume Design                                           Stacy Ip

Lighting Designer                                                  Chiu Ching Yi

Sound Designer                                                      Fung King Hong

Promotional Design                                                ahtsui@ShammerCS

Makeup Artist                                                         Li Mei Yuk

Stage Manager & Deputy Stage Manager            Libby Cheung

Assistant Stage Manager                                      Wong Ka Yan

Art Administrator                                                    Stephen Lam


*Thanks to the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre’s approval for participating in the production


Approx. 2.5 hours (with 15 minutes intermission)

For ages 6 and above