2014/15 College Liberal Arts General Program-Drama Tour

Public performance “Mini-production Showcase”


Through drama training and production courses, we provide a full range of experience in front of and behind the stage. Participants will create works in devised theatre, understand the stage and technical requirements of the theatre (including lighting, sound, set, props, clothing, etc.), and serve as actors, designer assistants, stage supervision assistants and other positions.


Use your body  Play your own script


After half a year of drama activities, the students have fully equipped to co-create works of devised theatre belonging to the younger generation. How would the group of students have fun in the black box?

Production & Participants

Host                                                POP Theatre

Production                                     POP Theatre

Plan                                                POP Theatre

Director                                          Chan Wing Chuen

Executive Director                          Tang Ho Wai

Script                                              Collective writing

Cast                                                Ng Tsun On, Lui Long Kwan, Cheung Hoi Yi, Chan Sai Kwong, Chan Ho Chi, Tsang Wing Yue, Ip Lei Kwan, Ip Hiu Tung, Chau Hang Tung, Lau Ka Yiu, Pun Lei

Set & Costume Designer                Carmen Cheng

Lighting Designer                           Bie Lai

Sound Designer                              Pang Chun Kit

Makeup Artist                                May Chu

Stage & Deputy Stage Manager      Lam Ka Lei

Producer                                        Kwong Sau Han