This is a story originally written by the Pulitzer Prize winner David Mamet. A female student was having a discussion with a male university professor about her failing grades. In talking about educational philosophy and arguing for grades in debate, the professor may have spoken some puns. Is it unintentional, or taking an advantage? The conversation between a somewhat straightforward professor and a seemingly unlucky student instantly detonated a bomb that mixed power and censorship.


Teenagers are in a critical period of development and are most susceptible to the adverse surrounding environment. It may lead to their self-identified confusion, blind obedience and extreme thoughts, emotional impulses, etc. Young people could understand themselves, the environment, and their relationship with other people through drama. They could also build the ability to cope with the impact of life. Suggested topics that can trigger discussion in the development of the story include:


  1. System establishment and implementation
  2. To distinguish the truth
  3. Think critically at the end of the story
  4. Feminism
  5. Gender relations


Discussion can help them establish correct values, enhance their will to recognize their own values and dignity, and face this changing society.

Cast & Production Team

Host             LSCD

Production           Pop Theatre

Playwright           David Mamet

Translation           Cheung Mei

Director           Chan Wing Chuen

Producer           Kwong Sau Han

Cast            Lai Ying Ying, Winton Au