Genius playwright Mann Chan worked together with the two directors Roy Szeto and Chan Wing Chuen of the show “1941 Girl”, continuing to sublimate this Hong Kong-style absurd comedy style and opening a new level of local stage art.


The story is about a couple working on a site. On the deserted country road, their boring job is all about holding the traffic “stop and go” sign. There are three dead bodies on the roadside, letting the cars running over them. The couple tried to investigate the “cause of death” of the corpses. Although death is a mere affair and being killed by a car is also a mere affair. Dying on the road for a long time that the body got dried and became sticky dead flesh was a bit too much. In the city, perhaps most of the people are alive, but it is just a process of being crushed. Living with “dignity” is recognized as the most ignorant,  unrealistic, and shameful stupidity. Perhaps living like a dog, a chicken, and a wolf is the most admirable and humane way of living.

Cast & Production Team

Cast                                                Chan Wing Chuen, Luna Shaw

Producer                                        Chan Wing Chuen, Kwong Sau Han

Set and Costume Designer            Tsang Man Tung

Lighting Designer                           Gabriel Fung

Sound Designer                              Chan Wai Fat


Performance at the Hong Kong City Hall Theatre