Exceptional performance – the song, shape, paint, Zen of the moment.

“When life meets errors

My Dear,  please live well now

Sing a blessed song”


The work uses a physical theatre to start a wandering journey in Tibet. Inheriting the tradition of musical theatre, the director and playwright Chan Wing Chuen interpret the song’s artistic conception innovatively through the co-production shape. Combined with taste design, it penetrates the soul of the audience, to experience the beauty of Zen’s movement and quietness.

Keith              Life is rich and unhappy in fact. Therefore, he decided to take his loved camera and go to Tibet, looking for a fragmented self.

Sum Ling        About to undergo a dangerous operation, wandering the hospital bed, and pursuing the love period in a limited time.

Lui Yau Lam  To test the love of her parents, she disappears and let genetic genes ferment sweetly.


The three young people are looking for the wandering life in the city. Wandering is a romantic journey that makes people dreamt of travels. The meaning behind wandering is the physical and psychological self-exile. Is it you the only one who is affected in the process of finding yourself?

Cast & Production Team


Gigi Yiu、Ivy Pang*、Seth Chan、Venus Ip、Ellen Liu Oi Ling、Parcilla Lai、Zip Ho Kin-Man、Kelvin Wong、Wong Kwok Fai、Poon Ka Wai


*Approved by Tang Shu-Wing Theatre Studio for the participation of the show

Artistic Director/ Playwright Concept/ Director:Chan Wing Chuen

Composer & Musical Director:                           Edgar Hung

Lyrist:                                                                    Chung Chi Wing

Set Designer:                                                        Tsang Man Tung

Lighting Designer:                                                Gabriel Fung

Sound Designer:                                                  Martin Lai

Costume Designer:                                              Doris Tai

Record Designer:                                                 Oliver Shing

Singing Supervisor:                                               #Seesy Chow

Graphic Design/ Live Painting:                             Ying Ying Lai

Promotional Photography:                                   Solo Chan

Makeup Artistic:                                                   Shirley Lee

#Approved by HKAPA for the participation of the show