Once upon a time, there was a bridge linking the land of Red and the land of Blue. One day, as conflict broke out, the bridge was replaced by a high wall which blocked the linkage. Since then, the people of the two countries were no longer communicating with each other. 

The patrol of the Country Red, Mr. Man, tried his best to prevent the Red people from Blue ‘evils’ nuisance. When two of the Red people, Simp and Franny, came to the wall to prepare for the upcoming carnival, Mr. Man was terrified. Therefore, he threw Simp’s acrobatic ball to the other side of the wall to stop their practice. That action accidentally contributed to their meeting with Bluey from the land of Blue. How would the conflicts accumulated in the past develop?


Playwright                                         David Holman

Director & Artistic Director                Chan Wing Chuen

Set and Costume Designer               Stacy Ip

Lighting Designer                              Bie Lai 

Promotional Design                           ahtsui@ShammerCS

Cast                                                   Anne Tam  Adrian Poon  Adam Tang  Ip Ka Yan  Kelvin Wong

Producer                                           Queendy Kwong

Stage and Deputy Stage Management        Lam Lai Chu

Assistant Stage Management           Chan Ming Man

Arts Administrator                              Ashley Chow Rita Chan


*Subsidized by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council “The 5th Drama Artistic Internship Scheme

Approx. 1 hour

For ages 3 to 10