A group of clowns challenge themselves in performing one of the greatest plays of the Shakespares, “Romeo and Juliet”! No matter how intense the battles between the two feudal families Montague and Capulet are, or how dynamic the love between the two main characters is, the clowns will do their best to turn the tragic plot into a laugh. Will it end up as chaos?


playwright                              William Shakespeare

Artistic Director                     Chan Wing Chuen

Director                                 Gerry Flanagan

Set designer                         Tsang Man Tung

Lighting designer                  Gabriel Fung

Costume Designer                 Doris Tai

Composer & Musical Director    Hinyan Wong

Translator                              Lai Sim Fong

Cast Chan                              Wing Chuen , Wendy Mok, Kelvin Wong, Sheena Cheung, Ronald Lam, Ceci Chan, Adam Tang 

Producer                               Queendy Kwong

Stage & Stage Deputy Manager        Lam Lai Chu

Assistant Stage Manager       Tsang Nim Chi  Poon Ka Wai

Costume Management           Lui King Chun

Makeup Artist                         Shirley Lee

Promotional Photography       Henry Wong

Publicity draft design              ahtsui@ShammerCS


*Subsidized by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council “2015/16 Artistic Internship Scheme”

Approx. 1 hour 15 mins