Story Information

Light – the first thing a baby sees when he/she opens his/her eyes. “Light” leads babies to explore various environments.

How does “light” in the ocean look like? How does “light” in the universe look like?

With the wonderful accompaniment of cello, babies and parents will enjoy an amazing journey of “light”.

Cast & Production Team

Producer                                             Kwong Sau Han
Director & Artistic Director                  Chan Wing Chuen
Idea/Creation                                      Pop Theatre   Tse Yu Ling   Ip Ka Yan
Assistant Director                                Jacky Cheung
Set & Costume Designer                    Stacy Ip
Lighting Designer                                Sunfoll Lau
Sound Designer                                  Pang Chun Kit
Cast                                                     Tse Yu Ling    Ip Ka Yan
Cellist                                                   Stephen Chan
Promotional Designer                           ShammerCS
Stage & Deputy Stage  Manager          Leung Tat Ming
Assistant Stage Manager                     Tsang Nim Chi
Assistant Stage Manager                     Chu Po Yin
Assistant Stage Manager                     Fu Tin Cheung
Art Administrator                                  Chan Yan Yee   Chan Hiu Man

Psychological Consultant                     Dr. Au Wing Tung Winton

Approx. 45 minutes

Only available for children up to 18 months and their parents

Children must be accompanied by their parents or adults who purchased the tickets. Tickets are also required for accompany admission.