The 1st: Heart River – Children’s Drama Playwright Cultivation Programme

The winner of champion: Ms Chiang Hiu Mei- “Chirping”

80’s. Born and grow up in Hong Kong. Graduated from Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies at Faculty of Arts, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.


“Chirping” (for ages 4 or above)

Playwright: Chiang Hiu Mei

Synopsis: Cricket fighting was popular in the palace during the Xuande period of the Ming Dynasty. Little Kuk became a cricket because of an accident, but due to a blessing in disguise, he met new friends, and got a new name – Kuk Kuk. In order to resolve the crisis, Kuk Kuk first learned fighting from a teacher, and then competed with many rare insects in the court. Can Kuk Kuk defeat the powerful enemies in the end? Can the levied crickets return to nature? As for Kuk Kuk, can he change his fate? Can he be transformed back into human and reunite with his parents?


Excellent scripts:

“The Tree and the Seeds” (for ages 4 or above)

Playwright: Lam Kwan Yiu


“The Talking Rubby”(for ages 4 or above)

Playwright: Keung Lai Ming


Literary Director: Prof. HO Hang Fung

Scripts Director: Mr. Chan Chi Wah

Drama Director: Mr. Chan Wing Chuen


Children’s Drama Seminar 9/11/2019 (Saturday)

Reading @ Facebook Live 18/4/2020 (Saturday)

Audition @ Facebook Live 30/5/2020 (Saturday)

Performance of champion works 6/6/2021 (Sun)