Short scripts recruited from the academic aspect will be reviewed by the artistic director and guests of the group, which six outstanding works will be selected based on creativity and theme. In addition to the publicly reading and discussion of the selected works, the team will also invite senior screenwriters and directors to provide comments. Participants can revise the script according to their opinions and make further exchanges with other screenwriters to achieve the effect of mutual observation.

The seven selected productions︰

Director︰Yu Hon Ting(Artistic Director from Drama Gallery)

Syun Wai Shing (The Chinese University of Hong Kong) “The Eraser”


Chan Chak Hei (The Chinese University of Hong Kong) “The Constants”


Lo Yi King (The Unversity of Hong Kong) “In Detention”

Director︰Chan Win Chuen (Artistic Director of POP Theatre)

Chow Pui Gwan (The University of Science and Technology) “Infinite Reincarnation”


Cheung Hoi Yi (Hang Seng University of Hong Kong) “Paper cut – Silhouette”


Li Wai Lok (The Chinese University of Hong Kong) “The Bedside”