The Heart River Cultivation Programme recruits short scripts from academic aspect, which would be judged by the art directors and guests of the group. The outstanding works would be selected based on the creativity and theme, then being publicly read and discussed. To proceed, participated screenwriters then revise their scripts according to the opinions of the reviewers. Lastly, their scripts will be directed by senior theatre artist Yu Hon Ting, performing publicly and turning the text into reality on the stage. The seven scripts will be interpreted in the form of “episode highlights”. After the performance, the audience is welcome to discuss and communicate with the screenwriters.


Tuen Mun Town Hall Cultural Activities Hall



“Mechanical Journal”

“Four Little Heroes”

“Golden Boy”

“Cow in the City”

“Legend of the Brave”

“Colorful Sparrow Fish”

“Angel’s Gift”


Production & Participant

Host                        POP Theatre

Repertoire              “Mechanical Journal”

Screenwriter          Lam Kuan Yiu


Repertoire              “Four Little Heroes”

Screenwriter          Harry Lai


Repertoire              “Golden Boy”

Screenwriter          Freya Kwok


Repertoire               “Cow in the City”

Screenwriter          Cheung Ka Wing


Repertoire              “Legend of the Brave”

Screenwriter          Cyrus Lam


Repertoire              “Colorful Sparrow Fish”

Screenwriter          Cheng Kwen Zaak


Repertoire              “Angel’s Gift”

Screenwriter          Sit Bou Yu


Repertoire              “Homeless”

Screenwriter         Tang Wai Shing, Ma Chui Yi