Let professional actors turn the works of young screenwriters into reality on stage!


The “Heart River Cultivation Programme” by POP Theatre has entered its third session, to discover potential screenwriters and inject more vitality into the theatre. We embrace and cultivate local screenwriters with a sincere, open and expectant attitude, and present their works to the audience.


After the first stage of script recruitment and the second stage of publicly reading and discussion, the third stage is now underway. Senior theatre artist Yu Hon Ting will be the director, who will publicly perform the script and turn the text into reality on the stage.

Award-winning scripts:

Champion﹕《我冇錯》 余卓儀

Outstanding﹕《地圖龜》 梁雯雯

《想飛》 黎耀銘

《不避風的港》 譚安婷

《無愛不成父女》 戴俊鳳