In order to continuously discover potential screenwriters and inject more vitality into the theatre, the script creation programme “Heart River Cultivation Programme” organized by Pop Theatre has entered its fourth year. Pop Theatre welcomes and cultivates local screenwriters with a sincere, open, and expectant attitude, and presents their works to the audience. After the scripts are recruited, publicly read and discussed, the scripts are now publicly performed, turning the texts into reality on stage.


Programme Date: 6 Jun 2021 (Sun) 3pm

Programme Duration: 2 hours + Senimar

Venues: Tuen Mun Town Hall (Cultural Activities Hall)

Ticket Price(HK$)Regular: $150

Discount: 50% discount off for Senior citizens aged 60 and above/People with disabilities and the minder/Full-time students/Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) recipients

The Best Scripts (FULL performance version):

《德國骨科》- 黃俊賢

The Excellent Scripts (Excerpted performance version)

《浩南和明日香》- 梁嘉欣

《親愛的》 – 林愛心

《再別電影女孩》- 鄭鈞澤