📆 Performance date:

  • 4.6.2022 | 3pm

🎪 Venue:
Cultural Activities Hall , Tuen Mun Town Hall

📍Programme Duration: 2 hours + Seminar💬


Ticket Price: $180

Discount: 50% discount off for Senior citizens aged 60 and above/People with disabilities and the minder/Full-time students/Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) recipients

* For purchase of each concessionary ticket for people with disabilities, the customer can purchase one ticket of the same concession for a minder.




🏅1) 《遺憾莊園》⛪️ 路懿

🏅2) 《兩個女人》👭 曾艷婷


Mr Li Chi Tat completed a master degree of fine arts in drama, majoring in playwriting, in The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. He served as a liberal studies guest instructor at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

In 2021, His script-”Theo” performed by the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, under “The Open Platform programme”. In 2017, his script-”Theo” as a Hong Kong region representative, was awarded Excellent Play in “Cultural Exchange Scheme in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau” Competition. He was also selected as one of the playwrights in “New Writing Lab 2.0” organized by On & On Theatre Workshop, and completed the work- “Bug and Classroom”.


Story Introduction

What if one day you found out that the earth is flat instead of spherical, the earth is as flat as a plate. How would you respond to those who still believe the earth is spherical? It is a story about “FAITH”.



Mr Luigi Cheung is an amateur drama-lover. He believes theatre is a miracle place that can reflect lots of life principles, he works with his belief as a playwright and the positions from front stage to backstage. Actki was founded in 2013, Mr Luigi Cheung is one of the founders and the recent work is “ Under Watch”.

Story Introduction

A regret is a persistent promise.

Another regret is a lost promise.

How a regret is being formed? Oblivion? Or to insist on something?

Welcome to the garden of regret, let the owner guide you a way to set you free!



Miss Tsang loves to listen to various stories. There is a wonderful imaginative world in her mind. She started to learn play writing since she started to experience the beauty of theatre accidentally. There is a harsh period where she cannot write due to life issues, but she was desperate to write. 

Story Introduction

“ Money is really a matter!” “ Life truly begins when you have no debt.”

A girl desires to improve her quality of life by money, while the woman desires love more than money, after she becomes rich.


Money can solve lots of problems, but is there a way that money can fulfill the real desires in their heart?

Do you know what exactly you want?