Combining performance and practice, stage aesthetics and meditation,

Director Tsang Man Tung’s 20 years of experience in theatre and practice


Based on the epic print , “The Heart Sutra” is not just a performance, but a resonating experience.

In the sacred space, we reconnect with nature and find inner peace.

Let’s have a heart-to-heart dialogue together.

Cast and Production Team

Host                               POP Theatre

Artistic Director              Chan Wing Chuen

Director                          Tsang Man Tung

Designer                         Tsang Man Tung

Composer                       Chan Wing Kit

Sound Designer              Chan Wing Kit

Lighting Designer           Zoe Cheung

Video Designer               Dan Fong

Calligraphist                   Tak Yee Lo

Cast                               Chan Wing Chuen, Alex Cheung, Leung Tin Chak, Lo Wing Ki, Anne Tam*, Tsang Man Tung

Live Musician                 Mavis Lam(Lute), Ng Shao Ying(Doumbek), Lau Pui Lang(Singing Bowl), Yeung Si Long(Singing Bowl)



*Sponsored by HKADC “The Drama Artistic Internship Scheme”