The 3rd: Heart River – Children’s Drama Playwright Cultivation Programme

“I am a Monster”

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Tatsuya Ushimaru is a sixth grade student of Matsuoka Elementary School in Oita City.

In 1942, the school was going to graduate early because of the war, and the principal decided to take pictures at the graduation ceremony. Students who attended the graduation ceremony must weared white shirts, but Ushimaru was too poor to have a clean shirt, so he could only wear a rotten vest every day.

There were only two weeks left before the graduation ceremony. Could Ushimaru find a white shirt and take the last photo with everyone?

Performance Date

13 Aug 2023 (Sun) |3:0pm


Cultural Activities Hall, Tuen Mun Town Hall

Ticket Price:

HK$200 (50% off Discount: Full-time Students / Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Recipients / Senior Citizens Aged 60 or Above)


This show is suitable for those aged 5 or above
 The program is about 1 hour and 45 minutes in length *included post-performance seminar