【#PuppyPoppy Wong Wong! See the world from a puppy perspective]


I know that many families have dogs 🐶. Get along with patience, you will easily understand his personality 🆔, preferences ❤️ and special habits 🍖. However, do you know what we are in the eyes of puppies 🧐?


“#PuppyPoppy” produced by POP Theatre will bring out different questions and interesting scenarios from the perspective of dogs 👀. We are going to share the inner world of dogs 🌏. Apart from cultivating children’s curiosity and empathy for small animals, they will also learn the knowledge of anti-epidemic 🧼!


Starting from July 21st, every Tuesday at 1 pm. Everyone is welcome!

"Puppy Poppy" Episode 1 "Poppy is Making Trouble":

"Puppy Poppy" Episode 2 "Difficulties are easy to overcome":

"Puppy Poppy" Episode 3 "Poppy Wanderings":

"Puppy Poppy" Episode 4 " Wings of Dream ":

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